I’m here for…

Ways to GET support

Sometimes it may feel like the world isn’t listening and no one understands. But you are not alone. Friends and trained pros can reconnect you with your reasons to keep going, and show you ways to cope with difficult days.

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Ways to GIVE support

When a friend confides in you, it says a lot. They trust you. So…how do you really show up for that friend? Learn what to say and do, good ways to check on someone, and the warning signs of suicide.

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Real stories

Hear from young people about moments when life was overwhelming, and they felt anxious, or alone. Learn how they coped…and sometimes struggled to cope. And hear from friends who stepped in to help.

“That time I called 988…”
“But I knew my feelings were real.”
“That’s why we’re here”
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Get Help now

Whether it’s a low point, a crisis, or something you can’t exactly put into words, get help for yourself or a friend, call or text 988 to get help, 24/7.

What happens when you call or text 988? To learn more and get additional resources, click here: Reality of calling or texting 988 >>